Proprietor - Keith Black
Proprietor - Keith Black

Welcome to Kingdomhire

Kingdomhire is a one-man business owned and ran by proprietor Keith Black. The business specialises in vehicle hire and repair. Keith's experience spans over 40 years of working in the motor industry, so you can expect high quality service.

Kingdomhire is based in Northern Ireland, located just outside Markethill, Co. Armagh. Exact directions can be found on our Contact Us page. Kingdomhire cater for general, public and business needs. Whatever you need, we are sure we can help you out.

Our fleet of vehicles

Our Fleet of Vehicles

We have a wide selection of vehicles to choose from. We provide Hatchbacks, People Carriers (MPVs), Small Vans, Large Vans, Convertibles and more. Our fleet is ever expanding to include more vehicles, and we ensure that our vehicles are reliable and well maintained. You can check out what we have available on our Vehicles page.

Kingdomhire location

Vehicle Rates/Hire Period

Our vehicle rates are competitive and can vary from vehicle to vehicle. They are also negotiable, so it's best to Contact Us to discuss pricing. Standard minimum renting period is 3 days for all vehicles, large vans are an exception, where they start at 1 day minimum rental.

Kingdomhire main entrance

Making a Reservation

You need to Contact Us to be able to reserve a vehicle. You should aim to reserve the vehicle you want to rent at least 1 day before expected pickup. More information is available about making reservations on our Vehicles page.

Our facilities

Insurance Policy

Most of our vehicles come with insurance as standard. If you wish to use your own insurance, we are sure we can facilitate you.